School Principal Message

It is our attempt at KV Porbander to transcend the monotony of textbook learning by using imagination and the creative instincts to catalyze change. We try to encourage our students to be creative, interactive and adaptive so that they can effectively meet the challenges of tomorrow. We are deeply conscious that learning is lifelong process and the only constant in life is change. We need to give our students the skills and values necessary to adapt to tomorrow’s world. We aim to nurture not just achievers, but all our young students since they constitute our nation’s future and will define the future trajectory of success. We try to nudge them to open their hearts and minds so that they become effective players in the transformation process of our society. At the same time we want them to nurture their spontaneity, curiosity and sensitivity to human issues. Indeed all connected with KV Porbander - teaching staff, administrative staff, students share a common goal:
"To excel and make a difference, however small , in the world around them."